Our Courses

Special features and highlights:

Converts math fear to math joy Improves skills in measuring, recording, Organizing, and analyzing data Improves active learning and critical thinking Kindles scientific thinking Increases concentration, visualization, Inspiration, memorization, insight & information processing skills Incorporates critical thinking, research projects analysis and develops other critical skills.

Advantages of our Labs

For parents

- Effective learning at home through play and games

- No need to spend on after-school classes/tuitions

- Engaged and happy children who enjoy going to school.

- Happy and confident children

- Higher learning outcomes driving better marks in exams

- Improve performance in higher classes.

For children

Solid foundation in Mathematics, English, Science and Culture. Enjoy learning through play. Develop confidence and ability to learn The labs help teachers motivate children to experience the versatility of the subject and learn concepts practically They serve to strengthen conceptual understanding and promote the creation of a strong foundation at the school level itself. This material brings a research-based curriculum methodology which provides better results confident children With this material students experience observe and practice concepts of the subjects on their own as the video guides are also available.

These are well-intended in order to quench the thirst of children with higher levels of curiosity our school portable & micro-scale labs that are not only based on the latest curriculum and cover most of the course syllabus but also arm students with concepts beyond it through hands-on experiential learning. The unique, colorful, user-friendly, micro-scale, compact, portable and attractive labs help students link the concepts of the subject to real-life scenarios) The new methodology prescribes that every chapter should be taught in the lab atmosphere& intensifies lateral thinking by means of unconventional and innovative The procedures of activities are simple and can be performed within the allotted time period. Allowing for the syllabus to be completed in much less time and making room for revision


Math & Science Labs (Portable & Micro-scale Labs)

Math is said to be “the mother of all sciences” yet it has always instilled a sense of fear amongst children. We have math with designed India's first ever Math lab that aims to turn math fear into math joy by bringing out the fun aspect in learning the lab helps students learn even the most complex of Math problems with the aid of a wide choice of objects and interesting concepts Linked to everyday life Easy to understand, remember and apply, the Math Lab helps students develop speed & accuracy by sharpening the mind and improving mental agility & intelligence Above all, it makes learning math which is typically an abstract subject, fun and simple. In many schools Math despite being the foremost subject in the educational system is not imparted to the students in a practical way using lab equipments. A child able to glean elementary concepts in an easier way with practical knowledge of Mathematical proofs using equipments. Our state-of-the-art math manipulative provides hands on experience and reinforces math skills conceptual level.