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To provide innovative educational concepts that help children, young adults and individuals perform to their potential. We are driven by passion to innovate and passion to excel.


To be the most preferred and trusted global player in taking education to the pinnacle Stress free education, Our job is to teach the students we have not the ones we would like to have.



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We make a promise for an interesting and a fascinating way of learning to students. For this we create an environment to enable them learn things at ease.

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“ Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all

When we teach, we teach with love, therefore making every Student at ease with the beauty of learning and knowledge. The prestigious team of our school has come together with the mantra of student centric approach whether it is in academics or in extracurricular activities Krishnaveni Schools is a first of its kind to lay foundation to the educational excellence with an emphasis on modern development of students and society and to impart skill based education so as to develop intellectual and socially compassionated citizens. In addition to developing excellent theoretical and practical knowledge, the students are motivated not only to dream big but also encouraged to think unconventionally to face the challenges of the future and provide platform for the students to become global leaders. As famously said "The whole purpose of the education is to turn mirrors into windows” We prepare our students to make the best out of the opportunity. Keeping our vision and mission of the institution, we believe in IMAGINEINVENT-INSPIRE... in the making of dynamic individuals in the society


Our curriculum help transform (Nursery,LKG,UKG) with GIJUBAI A PLAYWAY Method curriculum that will improve learning outcomes tremendously, which in turn will help you stand out from now-a-days competition.


We adopt new theories of Educational Solutions according to the understanding ability of the student. We follow activity-based curriculum enabling concrete to abstract learning in a structured learning environment with well-defined and advanced learning outcomes. The students are empowered with 100% complete schooling to assess your child’s learning gaps to get the right learning outcomes with LEAD Program. I-V topics have been introduced from text books of various national and international curriculums such as various State Boards. We also take care of developing English language to make the student speak international language fluently. This encourages the student to build up a great career. This ENGLISH learning program is guided by ELGA. VI – X This stage is an important evolutionary phase. So great care is taken to not just encourage the child but to give the courage to with the situation. We have come up with a new educational guidance. We teach state and also parallelly CBSE, ICSE and presented in a graded manner spanning over the entire program. It enables the student to be academically competent and well equipped to face the rigors of scientific thought and approach required for senior secondary or intermediate levels with special attention to IIT-JEE, BITSAT, NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT, SAT, NTSC etc. Curriculum is The comprehensive learning Program which blend of study material, assisted learning, backed by detailed explanations through our digital learning, virtual classes, online tests and individual student evaluation and assessment tools with AR technology.


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The purpose of our Excellence Program is to deliver the best quality education from subject experts to every child transcending socio-economic and geographical barriers, ensuring uniformity and consistency in content delivery mechanism.

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